We are a team of electricians who enthusiastically share the same vision:




My name is Ben Crahay, I'm 57 and have worked as an electrician my whole career.

In 2004 I founded Bentro, where I have enjoyed working on, and finishing all kinds of eletricity projects.

One of my strong sides is working with precision and passion. I also get a lot of energy from happy customers. Everyone describes me as a trustworthy person.


In 2018 I got the offer to join Rolosan.be. Rolosan.be embodies customer service and quality and these two things are very important to me.

Thanks to the acquisition I got the possibility to see the company grow and spend more time with people.



Whether it is customers, employees or suppliers.


After two years of internship, I hired Jan in 2008. Working together closely throughout the years allows us to be on the same wave length and know each others way of working through and through. Jan is described as being polite and correct and very good at his job.

Our newest colleague is called Robert and he has joined the team since March of 2019. He has accumulated lots of knowledge in his 16 years of of working in the electricity and ICT business. His open personality, big smile and cheerfulness are infectuous, making it a pleasure to work with him.

Robin first started working for Bentro in 2017. Two years later we've seen a great improvement and his politeness and correct and clean working methods are very much appreciated by our customers.

Mihail joined the team one year ago. Even though he is still young, 


By expanding our team and regular training sessions, we are diversifying quickly. Customers with all sorts of project now easily find their way to Bentro.


With your trust, we can complete your project with passion and care.


Ben, Jan, Robert, Robin, Mihail and ...

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