We are a team of electricians who enthusiastically share the same vision:




My name is Jan de Klerk, I'm 30 and have worked as an electrician my whole career.

In 2006 I stared as an intern at Bentro, where I was able to learn many different things. In 2008 I joined Bentro in a full time position and since then I have continuously increased my experience.

Some of my strong traits are working with precision and drive. Customer satisfaction is an important motivator for me and I try to achieve this with empathy for the customer's dreams and wishes.


Bentro joined Rolosan.be in 2018 and 2 years later, I got the chance to step up to the Manager position and lead Bentro. Rolosan.be stands for customer service and quality: two things I find very important.

In my new position as Manager, I now get to work more with people.



Whether it is customers, employees or suppliers.


Our newest hire is called Farid who started in March of 2021. Working many years as an independent contractor have given him a vast experience and a precise knowledge of customer desires. Farid is very open, making communication very easy. Customers always appreciate his will to help.

Robin got his first working experience at Bentro in 2017. After a short period at a different employer, he is back at Bentro. He has now graduated and with the help of Farid, he’s well on his way to becoming a team leader himself.

Warre has been working for Bentro for more than 2 years. He is learning quickly with an intensive training at Bentro and he is going to become a fully trained electrician very quickly.

Pawel is our team leader for complete renovations for Rolosan. He is meticulous and has worked as an independent contractor. Chasing quality in his work makes him a perfect fit in our team.


By expanding our team and regular training sessions, we are diversifying quickly. Customers with all sorts of project now easily find their way to Bentro.


With your trust, we can complete your project with passion and care.


Jan, Farid, Mihail, Warre, Pawel and ...

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