- Kitchen and living room
 - Old kitchen
 - Old bathroom
 - Bathroom
 - Living room
 - Kitchen

Rolosan - Apartement KVL

Pressure on planning is not uncommon for renovation projects. When the appartment is for rent, the landlord often wants to put the apartment back on the market as soon as possible.

The kitchen and bathroom in this project needed big update. The kitchen is now far more modern without the wall separating it from the living room. A more open kitchen quickly feels far more modern.

Even with a tight budget, we were able to completely renovate the bathroom.

Bentro made sure that the new kitchen could be installed properly and optimised some switches after removing the kitchen wall.

Matcolors painted the whole apartment to give everything that fresh feel. Small adjustments such as painting the bathroom tiles can often have a large impact in the way the space is perceived.

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